Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wantlist: Teeny Weeny Families

Teeny Weeny Families:
*Items in pink I have purchased but not yet recieved

Series 1:
Katie’s Wedding
Iron building

Hippity Hop Café
Teapot building – yellow

Swings ‘n’ Sunshine
Swing set – yellow frame red seat
Swing set – aqua frame purple seat
Bicycle - blue

Bridesmaids’ big day
Prayer book

Series 2:
Rocking horse Nursery Funhouse
Paula Prickle
Purple round about

Summerhouse Pool Party
Umbrella pole – yellow
Umbrella top – yellow
Shower head – white
Ladder – yellow
Lemonde pitcher - white

Sophies Beauty Salon
Shower hose – blue

Windmill Bakery and Cake Shop
Windmill building

Add on sets: (Families Collection)
Splash Family Barbeque Set
Barbeque – blue and pink
Frisbee – pink
Frisbee - blue
2 x tennis racquets – set of pink and blue
BBQ fork - red
BBQ fork - pink
BBQ fork – blue
Egg Flip – yellow
Egg Flip – pink
Egg Flip - blue
Corn on the cob - red
Corn on the cob - pink
Corn on the cob - blue
Kebab - yellow
Kebab - pink
Kebab – blue
Baby sized car - blue

Burrows Family Gardening Set
Rake – orange/yellow
Tray of seedlings – orange/yellow
Skipping Rope – orange/yellow
Lawn mower - orange/yellow
Ground compressor – orange/yellow
Shovel - orange/yellow
Secateurs - orange/yellow
Hat - orange/yellow

Mail in offer:
- Poster mail in offer (not marked)

Series 3:
Vanity Case
Vanity Case Building
Duncan Frost
Tania Flyaway
Gerry Storer
Balance beam
Exercise Bike
Ballet bar
Topiary trees

Skate away Café
Slide piece - white

Baby Nursery
2 x bottles (colour change)

Cereal pack collectibles (Kellogs)
-          Duncan Splash (turtle in bath) – yellow
-          Frankie Waddle (duck on rocking horse)
-          Betty (bear with grandfather clock) – purple
-          Emily (knitting grandmother) mole
-          Nicky Nibble (mouse in cradle)
-          Daisy (bear in armchair) - blue

Tooter Family Storybook

Magazines: All 12

Mini Surprise Families: 
Home Sweet Homes:
Sign that says 'cafe' (from cafe playset)
Pamphlet from each playset

Hiding Places:
Jewellery box playset
Pamphlet from each playset

Itsy Bitsy Families:
Pamphlet from each playset (except post office and skate away cafe) 

Would also be interested in any toy show catalogues/other advertising that feature any of these lines.


  1. Hi, I came across your blog as I was looking up teeny weeny families, as I found a load in my cellar from years ago. Looking through your wantlist, I have the Iron building from Katies Wedding, the blue shower hose from Sophies Beauty Salon, the Frankie Waddle figure, the Nicky Nibble figure, and loads of little bits and pieces from lots of other sets.
    Please feel free to contact me if you are interested, at: siobhan_jns@hotmail.co.uk

  2. I have lots of the things on your list: I have a Tunia Faraway, windmill building, hose from salon, rocking horse nursery and few other bits. I would love to trade if you have any of the following:

    Burger bar (set)
    Post office (set)
    Sweet shop (set)
    Beth barker
    Mr Frost
    Grandad Nibble
    Paddy Nibble

  3. I have almost every set and quite happy to pass you all the photos I have to complete your site. In return I would appreciate your permission to use some of your photos – nowhere near as many as I can offer you.

  4. I have a yellow swing red seat. Happy to sell. Also many more things.