Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wantlist Masterlist

 I'm still working through these. I'll link to individual wantlist once it's been completed.

Disney Tiny Collection (also known as Disney Mini Collection)
Furry Families
L'il Babies/Oodles
L'il Litters
Littlest Pet Shop (kenner) This list isn't complete but I just wanted to put something up!
Lucky BeeBee
My Little Pony
Polly Pocket
Teeny Weeny Families

Pretty much any type of little or mini thing!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wantlist: Magic Diaper babies/L'il Joys

Magic Diaper Babies Pets:
  • Tiger cub
  • Bear cub
  • Piglet
  • Black kitten
  • Light grey kitten with dummy/pacifier

All of series 2

L'il Joys
  • Rabbit Family complete
  • Pig Family Complete
  • Dalmatian Family Complete
  • Bear Family Complete

Cat Family:
 - orange kitten, dark grey kitten (sitting)

Spaniel Family
- sprawled puppy, standing puppy (ears down)

Wantlist: Tea Bunnies

Petunia Petal and the Bunny Tales Bookstore 
 - complete set: bunny, dress, hat, cup, mini cup

Bouncy Boxwood and the Sunny Bunny Donut Shop 
 - bunny, shirt, shorts, small donut, large donut

Ice Cream Social Playset
 - Prototype only.

Bluebell Giggles and the Lady finger cake and Crib
 - playpen base, sling (light pink ribbon)

Daffodil Dumpling and the Coconut Cupcake and Blanket
 - sling (yellow ribbon)

Colouring Book
Any toy catalogue featuring the Tea Bunnies

Tea Bunnies Sales/Trades

Wantlist: L'il Litters

  • All Dog Nursery sets
  • Blue poodle puppy
  • Sitting cocker spanial puppy
  • Dalmation baby (with blue in its ear)

  • Both babies for Adoreable Angora
  • Both babies for Fancy Floppy

I have no L'il litters for trade/sale.