Monday, 13 February 2012

Wanted: Pound Puppies

*Items in pink are ones that I have purchased but have not recieved.

Mini Playsets: (Flat figures)
Hide-And-Seek Safari
- playset, tiger figure

Camp Hide-And-Seek complete

Home Hideout playset only

Kibble Korner Hideaway
- cat figure, white dof figure, multicoloured playset piece that fits onto the back wall of the playset

Hollywood Movie Studio
- studio light piece, drawer piece, railing piece, all figures
Pet Show
- playset and all figures except orange cat

Pet Stadium
- 2 x small exit doors, all figures

Pet Paradise Complete

Super Pound Playground
- table with umbrella, small yellow fence piece (attaches near stable)

Mini Playsets (puffy figures)
-panda figure only

Pet Mansion Plaground
- playset, all figures except playing pose cat

Unknown playsets:
Honeymoon playset complete

Other Pound Puppies items:
PVC figures (not the 'cartoon' ones) of pound puppies and pound piggies

*Pound Puppies for sale/trade*

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