Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wantlist: Kenner Littlest Pet Shop

 Woefully incomplete kenner littlest pet shop wishlist!

Lil Paw Prints Pets:
Kitty - Pad of pink paper
Puppy - Pad of blue paper

Mail Offer:
Charm bracelet complete
Paw Print Club:Puppies complete
Paw Print Club:Kittens complete

Happy Meal Pets:
Happy Meal Box (carousel version)
U/3 Hamster in ball

Sticker Book
2 x aqua spoons from tea set (1 rabbit, 1 cat)
Boxes/backcards/paper items
Ads/toy show catalogues featuring littlest pet shop

Mini Surprise Families wantlist is here

1 comment:

  1. I have the charm bracelet, I'm not sure how many charms are on it, I think one might have disappeared and I might have been 1-2 shy of the set.
    If interested, I can send you a photo. my email is beccamay187@gmail.com