Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sale/trade: Teeny Weeny Families

Teeny Weeny Families, Itsy Bitsy Families, Mini Surpise Families etc... for sale/trade

Aunt Clarabelle's Nursery set

Pamphlets etc:
2 x opened sachet packets
Rabbit family storybook
Duck family storybook (MIP)
Poodle family storybook (MIP)
3 x Family storybook series 3 (2 x MIP, 1 loose)
2 x white cat family storybook (1 MIP, 1 loose)
Bear family storybook

Cereal Packet figures:

2 x bear in armchair (purple version)
Rabbits in trailer

Series 1:
  • Baby Sally's TeaTime: yellow armchair, yellow sofa, highchair, television, rattle, spoon, grandma hoppit, baby sally
  • Bedtime Capers!: 2 x Grandma Waddles, 3 x pink parasols, 2 x red/blue toy trains, beech chest of drawers, beech triplet bed, 2 x Henri, 2 x Fifi, 2 x Gigi.
  • Bridesmaids Big Day: Lizzie
  • Frog triplets mail offer: Ribby, Robbie
  • Grand Hotel: Mrs Nibble, typewriter
  • Hotel Helpers: Uncle Michael, Aunt Mitzi, luggage trolley, hoover, small suitcase, large suitcase
  • Katies Wedding: Katie
  • Lunch at Last: Nana Brown, 2 x Pops Brown, basket of greens, fridge, red stove, walking stick, beech table, 2 x beech chairs
  • Rollin' and Strollin': yellow stroller, skateboard, 2 x Beth, 2 x Ricky, 2 x Bruno, 2 x April, 2 x boombox
  • Sachet only: 2 x champagne glasses
  • Swings n' Sunshine: Uncle Floppy, Aunt Jenny, Harry, Holly, 2 x red bike

Series 2:
  • Aunt Clarebelles Nursery: Aunt Clarabelle, Beth Barker, Kiki, Junior Prickle
  •  Ice-cream Shop - Mrs Belle Barker, Billy Barker, ice-cream cone, sundae

  • Summerhouse Pool Party: Jack Splash, diving board
  • Wobbly Old School Bus: Tara Purbright, Emily Hoppit

Series 3:
  • Cool Bear Cafe: Cola can building (missing sticker on back wall of playset), cafe sign, cola jug, mug of cola, Mr Frost, Felicity Frost
  • Fashion Show Camera: studio light
  • Mobile Post Office: 2 x post office building, 2 x Freddy Flyaway, 2 x Frankie Flyaway, 2 x mail bag satchels, 3 x large parcels, 3 x small parcels, 2 x letters with stamp on left, letter with stamp on right
  • Skateaway Cafe: Dotty Spottiswood, Patch Spottiswood, 1 x glass on pink juice, colour changing cake
  • Teeny Weeny Burger Bar: Freda Fryer, Mrs Fryer, yellow frying pan, tray with chips, burger, small tomatoe sauce bottle
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  1. Hi,I'm interested by :
    Aunt Clarabelle's Nursery set
    Baby Sally's TeaTime
    Frog triplets mail offer
    Hotel Helpers
    Lunch at Last
    Swings n' Sunshine
    How much do you sell each set ? Thank you.

  2. Hello, interested in your teeny weeny families and also your Fairy Winkles sets. Please email me here:


    Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon !

  3. I am interested in the Rollin and Strollin collection if it's still available?

    Please contact me on:

    Many thanks!

  4. Hello there. I too am interested in Aunt Clarabelle's Nursery.
    Also if anyone is keen I have a fully sealed never opened (NRFB) Teeny Weeny Families Ice Cream Shop set. It's a double up in my collection so is for sale.

  5. Also have 12 other fully sealed Never Removed From Box Teeny Weeny Families sets if you require any photo's for your lovely site : )


  6. I would LoVe the cola cafe and the teeny weeny burger cafe! If they are still available? X